March 2003 – Rack and very evil rust

Rack (15 March 2003) It would be nice to have a “rotisserie” to mount the car body on. Such things are do-able, and I’ve seen them around, but I’ve not wanted to invest the time into building such a fancy rotating mount for the car. I suppose it would be nice, but we’ll flip this Read more about March 2003 – Rack and very evil rust[…]

February 2003 – Left floor, wheel well, “fillet” repair

Left floor installed (20 – 22 February 2003) This actually went quite quickly, even though our logs say it took two days. The issue was amount of time spent on each of those days. I set up a fair amount of welding, and Aaron did the welding, for the most part. As I said in Read more about February 2003 – Left floor, wheel well, “fillet” repair[…]

November 2002 – Ugly hole fixed, car flipped, more nasty rust

An eventful weekend, this was — though not because too many things got done. It was mainly because things changed visually so much. Now when you enter the garage (a.k.a. “The Cat Cage”), you see the bottom of the car, not the top. Of course, this opens up many new possibilities, since the ugly old Read more about November 2002 – Ugly hole fixed, car flipped, more nasty rust[…]

November 2002 – Various small parts

Right Engine-Tranny Cover A previous owner of the car must have been a happy owner of a pneumatic cutting tool, because he made some interesting cuts to gain access to the transmission or the transmission bell housing. It’s not particularly clear what exactly required such invasive and destructive work to be done. I was thinking Read more about November 2002 – Various small parts[…]

September 2002 – Fetching and dismantling

We’re off! (13 September 2002) Wouldn’t you know that this adventure in car restoration would begin on an auspicious day: Friday the Thirteenth. This follows a revered tradition (well, perhaps it creates a tradition) in Jaguar restoration by transporting on auspicious days. The restoration of the “first” Jaguar E-type, known by its UK registration number Read more about September 2002 – Fetching and dismantling[…]