Restoration Journal

The restoration journal was begun in mid September 2002, making it a really, really long-term effort. The entires have become a useful resource for people pondering their E-types or wistfully wishing to do a project like this one. However, people have complained about having trouble finding things and navigating through the pages. This reformatting of the entries mitigates that complaint a bit, since the entries are tagged and organized by grouping (see the “categories” menu). You can even do a keyword search of the website (hooray, WordPress!).

Here’s the most recent page: May 2017 – Nylon turn signal clip 3D printed and installed. As I did for the convertible top replacement in 2015, I have created a Youtube video that goes through the two processes: the creation of the model and the part and then the repair of the turn signal switch.

The turn signal switch was a nag for me for a long time, and the repair (fit in between all of the other goings on of life) took months and months.

I like chronology, though, and so I have listed the entries below in that manner. Also, on the bottom of each post, navigation appears that (mostly) leads to the next chronological entry. (I made some mistakes in ordering the entries, so there is a little jumping around.)