November/December 2004 – Front suspension

Front suspension The front suspension waited since the basic installation of the bearings, brake rotors, and wheel hubs. I hadn’t done much of anything to the torsion bars, since the prospect of actually setting them up just exhausted me. But with work proceeding on the steering column and the rack and pinion setup, I decided Read more about November/December 2004 – Front suspension[…]

June 2004 – Front suspension, part 2

The heading says “front suspension,” but for all practical purposes it should read “torsion bars are the key — and the pain.” I have a vague suspicion that a great number of restorations go swimmingly until torsion bars need to be dealt with. At that point, the would-be restorer throws up his hands in defeat Read more about June 2004 – Front suspension, part 2[…]

March 2003 – Rack and very evil rust

Rack (15 March 2003) It would be nice to have a “rotisserie” to mount the car body on. Such things are do-able, and I’ve seen them around, but I’ve not wanted to invest the time into building such a fancy rotating mount for the car. I suppose it would be nice, but we’ll flip this Read more about March 2003 – Rack and very evil rust[…]