October 2006 – Electrical

This section is for Ove in Norway. It’s about time to put the electrical decisions onto paper in a more presentable form. More methodical men than I would have rendered schematics first, traced everything to glassines in layers, and then passed the signed drawings to the next person for enactment … and, of course, improvization. Read more about October 2006 – Electrical[…]

January-May 2005 – Trunk floor, wiring harness (redesigned)

New trunk (“boot”) floor The old trunk floor was totally exhausted, with the laminate of the plywood virtually falling apart in thin wooden sheets. The pieces were good enough to stack together like so many playing cards and trace onto a new sheet of plywood. I used 15/32 thickness plywood that was left over from Read more about January-May 2005 – Trunk floor, wiring harness (redesigned)[…]