August/September 2004 – Painting, finally!

Painting color, finally! It seems like it’s taken ages too long to get to this point, but the body is finally sporting Opalescent Dark Green instead of blotchy primer grey! It’s been nearly two years since the boys and I fetched the car from Virginia, and it is only now on the way to coming Read more about August/September 2004 – Painting, finally![…]

January-March 2004 – Plating and spraying color

Part 2: Plating and spraying color One thing up front: the color of the car is not British Racing Green, though it’s close. I decided to go with Opalescent Dark Green, the very color that I liked the best long, long ago. I guess we all go back to our roots. The initial spray appears Read more about January-March 2004 – Plating and spraying color[…]