August/September 2003 – Engine stand, oil pan removed

Engine mounted on stand We went to a local auto parts shop and bought an engine stand. I had looked around and I thought they were much more expensive and was delighted that we could walk away with ours for under $40 USD. We hadn’t really explored the engine — like the removal of the Read more about August/September 2003 – Engine stand, oil pan removed[…]

October 2002 – Right “B”-pillar

Right “B”-Pillar (5 – 6 October 2002) The “B”-pillar is where the door striker is located, and the right-de “B”-pillar on this care had some rust damage that was cosmetically repaired, although not as badly repaired as the inner sill. The original fix did nothing to the internal corrosion, but the plates that were added Read more about October 2002 – Right “B”-pillar[…]