March 2006 – Door handle details

Winter has been mild in North Carolina, though cold enough in the deep winter months to keep me out of the garage. March usually is the transition month — a month of teasing warmth and, when cold, a month of yearning for spring. This March has been warm. So warm, in fact, that this weekend Read more about March 2006 – Door handle details[…]

August/September 2005 – Windshield, right door

This entry ends the third year of restoration work on the car. It’s been a long haul. Windshield The Cat Cage in Rougemont had a visitor from Oklahoma in early September. Wallace DeLong, also known as “Dad” and “Grandpa,”visited for a couple of days, and I set him to work in the garage. The right Read more about August/September 2005 – Windshield, right door[…]

June 2005 – Data plate, door, headlights

Data plate, final episode I might as well get this done right now. I finished the truer-to-the-original data plate with the able help of Eric MaLossi, and I’m quite pleased with the results. The plate is a little thicker than the original, so it resists a bit more under the mallet and die, but it Read more about June 2005 – Data plate, door, headlights[…]

November/December 2003 – Holiday greetings to all!

Yes, more primer but also greetings! North Carolina weather has not cooperated with working the in garage, so I have set about some short moments priming and sanding the car’s body shell. There is not much new to report, though I will post some photographs after the Christmas Holiday week. I’m taking most of the Read more about November/December 2003 – Holiday greetings to all![…]

March 2003 – Right door cleaned and fitted, right front suspension disassembled

Right door cleaned and fitted Removing the guts of the right door was considerably easier than doing the left door, since I had already been through the process once. In a nutshell, this is the process: 1. Remove the window crank and the door latch handle by pushing the escutcheon away from the handle and pushing Read more about March 2003 – Right door cleaned and fitted, right front suspension disassembled[…]