May 2017 – Nylon turn signal clip 3D printed and installed

Pretty much, the Youtube video does the trick. I do think that the process of 3D printing will become increasingly important for parts distribution and replacement. There’s no wonder that UPS has taken big steps to integrate 3D printing into their business, since, after all, they’re into logistics. And logistics can benefit from the speed Read more about May 2017 – Nylon turn signal clip 3D printed and installed[…]

February 2010 – Driven

Look! No leaks! And it moves! The alteration of the timing chain cover water inlet seems to have done the trick. The old thing has retained coolant where it should, and we’ve run the car many times without the horrible froth of contamination surfacing beneath the valve covers. Finally, we have a moving and well Read more about February 2010 – Driven[…]

March 2006 – Door handle details

Winter has been mild in North Carolina, though cold enough in the deep winter months to keep me out of the garage. March usually is the transition month — a month of teasing warmth and, when cold, a month of yearning for spring. This March has been warm. So warm, in fact, that this weekend Read more about March 2006 – Door handle details[…]

August/September 2005 – Windshield, right door

This entry ends the third year of restoration work on the car. It’s been a long haul. Windshield The Cat Cage in Rougemont had a visitor from Oklahoma in early September. Wallace DeLong, also known as “Dad” and “Grandpa,”visited for a couple of days, and I set him to work in the garage. The right Read more about August/September 2005 – Windshield, right door[…]

November/December 2004 – Various and sundry

Interior insulation and sound dampener From the outset of the restoration, I’ve been planning on insulating the interior and inside the trunk, especially below the spare tire storage and fuel tank area. I’ve kept an eye on products that would do the job well. I found two good candidates — Dynamat which is available through Read more about November/December 2004 – Various and sundry[…]

September/October 2004 – Clearcoat, boot lid, steering column, sundries

This entry begins the third year of restoration work on the old car. Clearcoat and boot lid installation The car body was completely sanded smooth with 800 grit sandpaper, and ripples and “orange peel” areas were smoothed out. The surface was then degreased and coated with another double coat of clearcoat. This final clear coat Read more about September/October 2004 – Clearcoat, boot lid, steering column, sundries[…]