July 2008 – Miscellaneous since February

What we’ve done since February (!) 2008 This one is for Dan. Just under a year ago, I said I was looking for a double-groove crankshaft pulley. I published a humorous email exchange at the time, and I had resolved to get a new pulley from Classic Jaguar. Funny how time flies — I had Read more about July 2008 – Miscellaneous since February[…]

February 2008 – Alternator bracket

Alternator bracket and alternator installation This one is for Glen. The XJ6 engine I got of course didn’t have the exact same places to mount the alternator and other engine-driven parts (like an air conditioning compressor). This meant that I was pretty stuck when it came to mounting the alternator, since the original 3.8 liter Read more about February 2008 – Alternator bracket[…]

November/December 2004 – Firewall sundries

An odd fall, this last one. Sometimes it was as warm as summer, and then, before you get too used to the nice weather, in popped a cold spell for a visit. I still have some paint touch up to do before I can turn to the final buffing and shining, but I’ll need some Read more about November/December 2004 – Firewall sundries[…]