June 19, 2015

The car

The complete and well illustrated restoration journal provides much more detailed information about the car and the process of bringing it back to the road, but this brief page gives a quick overview. The “offer” page includes things that I would do to improve the car. The menu to the right can be used to get more information on the features outline below. The restoration journal is searchable, and can be browsed in chronological order.

Year: 1963

Mileage (presumed accurate): 43,904

Body style: Convertible roadster (“Open Two-Seater”)

Exterior: Opalescent Dark Green

Interior: Beige, with dark green piping (vinyl)

Engine: 1980 model XK engine, 4.2 Liter is installed; original 1963 3.8 Liter engine follows the car. Carburettors are 3 SUs. Original Series 1 polished aluminum valve covers are installed. Original oil pan is installed. “Facet” fuel pump model 40105, an external electronic fuel pump, replaces the original Lucas submerged fuel pump.

Transmission: Original 4-speed Moss “crash box” is installed; flywheel and starter from the original 3.8 liter engine is installed. Master and slave cylinders have been replaced with new.

Brakes: Original Dunlops in the rear, in the front are the Volvo conversion calipers (two-piston) for better braking. The partially renewed original front Dunlops are on hand and need new pistons. Master cylinders are Wilwoods.