June 26, 2015

Book work

Periodically, I may put up a draft of a chapter of a larger work that has been developed along side the restoration of the E-type. Oftentimes the writing and the manual work interconnect, and that connection has actually emerged as a theme in the essays.

Each piece that is available for download contains the working bibliography of the entire, much larger, work. I provide it because I don’t cite sources in these drafts, though the eventual final work will include these references in some fashion. For now, readers can fish out references in the bibliography.

Chapter title Version date Essay PDF Teacher supplement
‘E’ is for Ellipse 2 July 2015 “‘E’ is for Ellipse” essay (PDF) “‘E’ is for Ellipse” teacher supplement (PDF)

Copyright notice: The drafts that are available for download are Copyright © 2015 by Mark R. DeLong. All rights reserved. Download and read them, but don’t redistribute them or claim them as your own. Teachers in schools and colleges are welcome to copy and redistribute to their students for educational purposes, and I’d really like to hear about how you use the pieces. Teacher supplements with discussion topics and writing prompts are provided, and it would be great to hear how things go, if you choose to use them in classes. I welcome comments and suggestions!