May 2017 – Nylon turn signal clip 3D printed and installed

Pretty much, the Youtube video does the trick. I do think that the process of 3D printing will become increasingly important for parts distribution and replacement. There’s no wonder that UPS has taken big steps to integrate 3D printing into their business, since, after all, they’re into logistics. And logistics can benefit from the speed Read more about May 2017 – Nylon turn signal clip 3D printed and installed[…]

December 2015 – Convertible top replaced

People might recall that my canvas top got ripped when I put the top down for the first time — two five-inch rips radiating from the rear corner of the door windows. Clearly, I had done something wrong in the initial installation, and so I did some problem solving and discovered the issue. In essence Read more about December 2015 – Convertible top replaced[…]

August 2014 – On the road again

Yes, it’s been a long, long time. I had been so good about recording things on this blog. Then, when the car came darned near completion … well, I pooped out, preferring to sit in the old thing and tinker or just listen to the engine and watch the gauges. The restoration journal never got Read more about August 2014 – On the road again[…]

February 2010 – Driven

Look! No leaks! And it moves! The alteration of the timing chain cover water inlet seems to have done the trick. The old thing has retained coolant where it should, and we’ve run the car many times without the horrible froth of contamination surfacing beneath the valve covers. Finally, we have a moving and well Read more about February 2010 – Driven[…]

December 2009 – Reason for coolant leak discovered

This one is for Derek, my eldest of sons, kind and level-headed. —Also more reasonable than I am, probably. It has been a great blessing to have the children Arlene and I have raised, and we both know that our lives together have been a matter of luck and work, however mixed. We count our Read more about December 2009 – Reason for coolant leak discovered[…]

July 2008 – Miscellaneous since February

What we’ve done since February (!) 2008 This one is for Dan. Just under a year ago, I said I was looking for a double-groove crankshaft pulley. I published a humorous email exchange at the time, and I had resolved to get a new pulley from Classic Jaguar. Funny how time flies — I had Read more about July 2008 – Miscellaneous since February[…]

February 2008 – Alternator bracket

Alternator bracket and alternator installation This one is for Glen. The XJ6 engine I got of course didn’t have the exact same places to mount the alternator and other engine-driven parts (like an air conditioning compressor). This meant that I was pretty stuck when it came to mounting the alternator, since the original 3.8 liter Read more about February 2008 – Alternator bracket[…]