Series 1 E-type roadster

"The most beautiful car ever made."

-- Enzo Ferrari
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The journal began on September 13, 2002 — a Friday, of course. Through the years, Mark DeLong chronicled the progress — mostly forward, but sometimes backward. The story still goes on.

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The curious can scrutinize the details of the car by looking through the comprehensive restoration journal. But for the less curious, here’s a single page with highlights.

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Stays in the garage

“I wanted one of these cars since I put together a model of a coupe when I was in fourth grade. Now, having it, I find my interest is really in the putting together and not in the possession.”

A classic

In September 2002, a classic car began a journey back to the road

The car came off the line in Coventry, England, in summer of 1963 and was then shipped to the United States. Forty years later, Mark DeLong and his young sons fetched the car from the edge of a cornfield near Suffolk, Virginia. After making the trip to Rougemont, they unloaded the car and pushed it into a small garage. In a week they had it dismantled. The reassembly took years of research and concerted effort.

Now the car is road-worthy -- and beautiful, as it should be.

  • The car has a 4.2 liter engine from a 1980 Jaguar. The original engine follows the car, so that a complete original restoration can be executed, if desired.

  • Opalescent Dark Green, not exactly British Racing Green. More electric and exciting. Original hardtop with unobtanium window chrome is partially restored.

  • Tan with dark green piping. Aluminum console.

  • Vigorous and enlivening the imagination. The restoration journal -- called among the most complete on the web -- reflects the interplay of thought and repair.